Languedoc Roussillon in the south of France

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Languedoc Roussillon

Fishing boats at CollioureFrance is divided into 22 regions - roughly equivalent to states or provinces.

Languedoc-Roussillon is a region in the south of France.



It's divided into 5 Departments:

  • 11 - Aude
  • 30 - Gard
  • 34 - Hérault
  • 48 - Lozère
  • 66 - Pyrénées Orientales

When I first started this site in 1999 Languedoc was relatively undiscovered. Now it's referred to as the "new Provence".

Wine production is one of the mainstays of the economy. The wine produced here has changed considerably in the past decade and has moved from a focus on volume to a focus on quality.

The Languedoc AOC Wines site has lots of information about wines including descriptions and how to taste wine.

Tourism is a growth industry but still in its infancy. People are friendly. Not a lot of English spoken although more and more people in service industries are learning English. It can't hurt to learn some basic French phrases before you visit.

Cathars and Languedoc are inexorably linked. Learn a bit about the history of Catharism before you visit.

Languedoc Web Resources

A good starting place is the Languedoc Roussillon Regional Tourism site.

The Languedoc Page is also a good resource

Languedoc France Info has good informative articles about Languedoc