Towns and Villages in the Aude

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The Aude - towns and villages

Chute in NarbonneAccording to Wikipedia there are 438 communes in the Aude. Someday I'm going to print the list and check off the ones I've been to and start going to the ones I haven't. It'll be a lifetime project!

Some of the villages are tiny. At you can click on the name of the town in the Aude and find out the population.

L'encylopedie des Villes de France has demographic information about French cities, towns and villages. If you want to find the average household income of a village in the Aude or want to know how many houses are in a commune just go to the site and type in the commune name. It is in French but is easy enough to understand.

The best way to really see villages is to get out of your car and walk around. Explore the tiny alleys, look at the detail on the houses, make friends with the village cats, there are always village cats.

The Aude Tourism site has a list of village sand towns with tourist offices. click on the commune and then click again on the new page. Eventually you'll get a page with community information. If the town has a web site you'll be bale to click on that too. Good information even if it isn't the most user friendly experience.

Obviously you're going to want to go to Carcassonne and Narbonne. Maybe some of these Flickr sets and personal sites will tempt you to visit other villages.

If you're going to Lagrasse take the time to see Montlaur, a small wine producing village in the Corbieres. Peter has some nice pictures of the area near Monze.

Matt Reef has taken some terrific photos of Quillan. after you visit Quillan you can continue on to Puilaurens, a lovely little village with a chateau.

John has a very informative web site about Trebes as well as images on Flickr.

If you have a flickr set of the Aude and you'd like me to link to it please contact me.